Join Us on a
Culinary Journey
in the Enchanting Dordogne
Périgord Region.

Join Us in this Exciting Experience of Flavors and Colors
in a Wonderful Place and Learn Gourmet Cooking with us.

  • 6 Nights, Monday till Sunday

  • All Meals & Beverages

  • Tour Guide

  • Cooking Lessons

  • 2 Michelin Restaurants

  • A Stylish Cookbook

  • available in months: April, May, June, September, October.

About us

Tours with Chef Chalom Chetrit

Chef Chalom Chetrit takes a Tours Vietnam and Cambodia, tours to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, Tours in Piamonte, Tuscany, the Dordogne and all those with an emphasis on experiential combination of mirrors aromas and flavors. Travel pamper incomparable country.
Boutique Tours – Tours Another level

Le Petit Difference – (small difference) is the difference between regular organized tour and an exciting experience that will expire your memory. Little difference Chef Chalom Chetrit brings tourist area begins careful selection of all instructors both in terms and in terms of language training capabilities. Chef accompanies himself all tours and a place where sleeping or eating well chosen after personal experience.

Selected at a restaurant chef selects the dishes on the menu plus chef served himself indulged travelers fruit gourmet meal hands.

Culinary Journey Description

Join us on a culinary journey in the enchanting Dordogne Périgord region, at a Chateau on the shore of the Vézère River.
Together with chef Chalom Chetrit, you enjoy good food and a get a lot of information that we have accumulated over the years while traveling with our customers.
The stay is a full week from Monday to Sunday.
During this week we will tour the fascinating sites in the Périgord region  and learn together the secrets of French Haute cuisine, learn to cook tasty and special dishes from my recipe book, as well as creating and plating gourmet dishes.

We will tour the colorful and lively markets where we will purchase products unique to this region of France to use when cooking our dishes.
In addition we will enjoy the best restaurants that this beautiful region in southern France has to offer.
So join me in this exciting experience of flavors and colors in a wonderful place and learn gourmet cooking with us.

Chef Chalom Chetrit has worked in restaurants where you can eat, check the cleanliness of the kitchen, the taste and quality of the food and choose from varied and interesting menus.
In addition, the chef himself spoils travelers with gourmet meals that he cooks himself. With all his uncompromising seriousness and meticulousness, Chalom graduated from cooking school in Israel with distinction, continued studying overseas and specialized in all the flavors and variations of French cuisine.
Chalom Chetrit has been specializing in French Haute cuisine for the past 12 years. He has created culinary tours in Italy, France, Vietnam, Cuba, Costa Rica and other places where he takes a group and travels around with them teaching them about the local cuisine.

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Monday - Arrival and welcome to the Chateau

Reception, receive rooms, get organized and have a light rest. The Chateau is located on the shores of the Vézère River and is a hotel as well as an agricultural farm.
19:30 Dinner cooked by Chef Chalom Chetrit.

Our Chateau

Tuesday – In the Footsteps of Prehistoric Man & Cooking Course

07:30 Begin the day with a rich and sumptuous breakfast prepared by the Chef. Then drive to les Eyzies-de-Tayac a town which is known as the “European capital of prehistory” because of the hugely important archaeological sites giving huge importance to the research of evolution. We will tour the beautiful town that lies at the foot of spectacular cliffs at the confluence of the Vézère and Beune rivers. During the tour, visit sommelier Tim and taste the wines of the region.

Towards noon we will arrive at Roque St Christoph and indulge ourselves with a Perigord basket prepared by the chef. Afterwards climb a cliff that resembles a beehive due to the caves that prehistoric man lived there in the past. The site is located about 500 meters above the Vézère River and was inhabited from the Paleolithic period right up until the 16th century. We will tour the recreation of the living conditions of prehistoric man in the rock caves.

Cooking Course

Cooking Course

17:00 Return to the chateau for a gourmet French cooking class under my supervision, per and finally dine on the results of our own cooking.
Back to the castle gourmet French cooking class with my guidance, per to the recipe book I wrote, I will teach how to plate the food we prepare as  gourmet dishes and we will enjoy  a nice dinner with wine into the night.

Wednesday - Castle, Cruise and BBQ & Chef Competition

07:30 Enjoy breakfast prepared by the chef

Drive to Castlenaud Fortress. Explore the medieval weapons museum and look out at the spectacular overview of Southern France. Afterwards continue to the small village of La Roque-Gageac for a guided tour. From here we continue on for a cruise on the famous Dordogne River and then return to the chateau for a hearty and excellent barbeque.

Eating....In the evening we will have a “Who is the Best Chef” competition. The challenge will be to prepare served food and finger food. The participants bring their own recipes, I will provide the ingredients and they can consult with me regarding the design of the dish and how to serve it. The winner will receive a substantial kitchen oriented prize.

Thursday - Between Markets Cities and Rivers & Michelin Restaurant & Cooking Course

07:30 Begin the day with a delicious breakfast prepared by the Chef.

lpd-culinary-dor_30Drive to the capital Périgueu. Walk through the colourful market place and the picturesque streets of the city and continue to the historic and amazing St Front Cathedral. We will stop for lunch at a Michelin star restaurant, a delicious high quality meal.

Return to the chateau for a 3 hours cooking class with me and afterwards, of course, enjoy the French dinner we have prepared.

Friday – Padriac cave Rocamadour & Gourmet Restaurant with the Best Chef in Perigord

07:30 Enjoy breakfast prepared by the chef

After waking up early and enjoying breakfast we will depart for a long but worthwhile day. We will drive to Rocamadour and stroll through the streets and magnificent churches. The village is located at the top of a 150 meter from where we can look out on to the famous Alzou valley. Lunch will be a Perigord basket eaten in a charming forest grove which shows the special nature of the area. We will sail on an underground river, have a guided tour of the Padriac stalactite cave which is truly a unique nature treasure.

lpd-culinary-dor_20In the afternoon we will visit the beautiful Sarlat village with its beautiful alleyways.

We will continue on for a fancy gourmet meal with Chef Jean Marc who I studied Sous-vide (vacumn) cooking with and who I consider to be an excellent chef.

Saturday - Colorful market at Sarlat and the village of Domme & Picnic by the River

Enjoy  breakfast prepared by the chef

Sarlat Market

Sarlat Market

Drive to Sarlat, the capital of Perigord where we will find one of the most beautiful and vibrant markets in Europe. Sarlat is unique in that it is the most densely populated city in Europe in terms of ancient buildings, the first floors of these buildings were built during the Renaissance, and the upper floors were built in the Baroque period. I will take you on a guided tour I will make a guided tour of the market where I will explain the uniqueness of this amazing market and its unique products,  breath-taking and unforgettable.

Our lunch will be a wonderful picnic filled with beauty and flavor alongside the river.

Continue on to an observation post for a splendid view of Domme and the most beautiful scenery of the Dordogne River. In the afternoon return to the chateau for a short rest before dinning at a restaurant where we will eat famous duck confit and give closing statements.

Sunday – Farewell to the South of France

Departure day for those concluding the tour


We are just back from a 7 day tour of Dordogne Périgord region.. We were 3 couples and we got a private tou, everything was planned very and organized.

We had a great vacation with Chef Chalom Chetrit. Amazing places and taste the real cuisine from the Dordogne region..


The Prices for a Full Week in a Country Chateau are:

P/P in a Double Room Apartment Attached to the Chateau – €2300
P/P in a Double Room with River View in the Chateau – €2400
P/P in a Double Suite in the Chateau – €2500
Single Supplement for a Room Apartment Attached to the Chateau- €300

You can Join US for a minimum 2 day trip, the price will be calculated by the days you will request.

Your payments:
1st payment of €400 on your booking.
2nd payment of €600, 60 days before your arrival.
And the rest of the price you will need to pay at the Chateau.

Full package price includes:

Transfers from the Train Station of Buisson De Cadouin to our  domaine.
Room at the domaine.
All meals :Famous Israeli breakfast, lunch and dinner Includes  wine.
Starting on Monday dinner, until the Sunday breakfast,  includes wine, beer, non-alcoholic beverages, coffee from Nespresso coffee machine.
Daily tours that cover the specific area sites.
There are 5 bicycles that you can use free of charge.
A special gourmet meal of the chef on arrival.
Special opted chef restaurants including one which is Michelin.
Cookbook fancy of the chef whose recipes cook and eat.
High level of cooking.
Lots of cooking tips that will improve your cooking level.

Pricing does not include:
Flights and Car.
Medical insurance and/or travel insurance.
100 euros entrance fees Tips in restaurants and service providers.

1st payment of €400 on your booking.
2nd payment of €600, 60 days before your arrival.
And the rest of the price you will need to pay at the Chateau.


Every Week at: April, May, June &  September, October
Pick up at any Monday till Sunday

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